Are you needing more of a sense of community in your life?  Here at Omaha Whole Living I think you will find just what you are looking for. Expand your mind, learn new skills, move your body, nourish your spirit, improve your peace and well-being. You and your family will find it all here in a welcoming environment.

Omaha Whole Living is a cooperative endeavor focused on providing opportunities to learn, grow and share while nourishing your mind, body and spirit. Retail offerings are by local artisans.  Classes will be offered by a variety of talented and inspirational people from our community who will share their passions. Below is a quote that begins to capture the essence of Omaha Whole Living and our view of radiant living and health.

     "You can't get energy, health, and vitality from a pill, or even from a cup of herbal tea. Everyday radiant well-being, in mind, body, and soul, is a function of everyday self-care. It's a prescription for life. It's part of what you do, what you take into your body, and what you feed your mind. Radiant well-being is not taking a pill for this pain, a dose of X for that problem, a quick fix to get rid of the lethargy you're dragging around with you. Radiant well-being is, instead, finding your joy in life. Exploring your passions. Getting up from your chair and moving your body. Wiggling. Eating good food.  Playing hard and resting well. Putting your mind to work. Laughing." - Rosemary Gladstar, Herbalist, 2001