The most important aspect of any community is the people.  I meet so many people who are longing for more community.  A healthy, vibrant community nourishes the soul and provides a place to learn and grow and share.  Through classes, events, and interacting with those providing their services at OWL I hope that you feel a sense of belonging where people know your name and care about you as a whole person. 

One way to be involved is if you have a talent to share or a skill to teach is to offer a class.  We often take our gifts of talent for granted but the community would love to see classes on how to make a whole variety of things and on a variety of topics.  We can rent the community space for anything from dance class to painting classes to teaching others how to budget or how to change their diet.  The sky is the limit for what you might be able to share. Classes can be one-time or ongoing classes.  If you would like to see a certain class offered or teach submit a request!

Or maybe you just need a bit of "you time" and a place to call home away from home.  A place that doesn't involve you having to do your dishes and pick up all the toys before friends come over.  Our space can be your space for book clubs, knitting, or scrapbook clubs.  Call your friends together and have a fun night together! 

The ad below describes the features of the main room available for classes and events.


If you need more than just shelf space but need actual space to meet with a client we would be happy to have you as a OWL Providers can be from any profession.  Are you a massage therapist? A website designer?  A doula?  An interior designer?  A therapist?  Do you need a professional yet welcoming environment to meet clients without the expense of setting up your own office?  We are here to help small business owners in this way by renting consulting space for a fee and providing advertising and your own web page.  Let us know how we can help you.

Below are the descriptions of the midsize massage therapy room and the small consultation room.


There are many ways to be involved. The easiest is to just show up!  Whether it is a free Lunch and Learn event, a class being offered by a community member, or a documentary showing; I hope that join us in one way or another!