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Rock Divination

Rock Divination

Girls Night Out!

Friday, 10/23

6:30 P.M. -9:30 P.M.

Have fun and learn how illumination may be waiting for you in your own back yard!

Kate Jobe will teach you and your friends Rock Divination; learning to interpret the symbols found among the markings on rocks.

Bring a friend and have fun! Snacks will be provided.


Please email Kate Jobe at to register.

Sources for providing answers to our questions are all around us.  You may be surprised to know that while you are contemplating questions for which you would like clarity you can find creditable answers in many forms of what is referred to as Nature Divination.  Information is frequently available in the form of symbols that are relevant to you.  

In all forms of divination, it’s best to formulate your questions clearly and fairly simply without combining more than one.  Too many and too complex of questions create a complex answer that is difficult to interpret.  Clarity provides answers that have clarity.  For example, questions can be presented in the following types of forms: “What choice should I make regarding (my job?; my relationship with___?)” ; “What should I focus my energies on at this time?” “What physical action should I take to resolve ___?”” What is inhibiting me from moving forward?”

Rock Divination is one form of Nature Divination that is interesting, fun and the procedure is easy to learn. All that is needed is two interested people, each with a rock approximately the size of an orange or a grapefruit (the rock can be larger than this but a smaller one will make it difficult to locate the symbols you are seeking) and with a question they each personally want answered. Rocks are needed for this process and not crystals.  The rock can be one that was found in nature, your yard or might even be one you have within your home.  

It works best when two people work together with one being the Inquirer and the other being the Witness.  The Witness holds space for the process, maintains consistency in the sequence of the process and can ultimately provide feedback and support in the interpretations of the symbolism found in the rocks. After the first person fully completes the process, the two switch roles.  It really is an intriguing and enlightening experience.  Rock Divination has been so helpful to me that I periodically set aside time on my birthday to do it or during a weekend when I am focusing upon having my own form of a personal retreat.  

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